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The art of self-expression: Unleashing your inner storyteller

Updated: May 18, 2023


When we talk about art, we are already discussing expressions as well. Both terms go hand in hand. We can simply express ourselves or tell people our side of story

through art when we are not comfortable talking about it.

Self-expression through art is a completely natural and underestimated form of self-healing, where our emotions and self-absorbed thoughts come out through art as a medium that sometimes seems difficult to convey as it is !

How you interact with others says a lot about how you manage everything that comes your way.

Self-expression can be in the form of anything related to art: writing, crafting, painting, designing, music, drama, and so on.

Art holds the ability to convey one’s true self and personality traits while providing an idea of one’s thought process. Sharing your feelings and ideas with the outside world gives you only the satisfaction and release of something that you might have been holding back unknowingly and putting all of your energy on, which is not worth it all.

However, once our inner storyteller starts expressing itself, everything falls into place, as storytelling—or any other form of art through which we express ourselves—gives us new energy and a tremendous amount of self-confidence to rise up without hesitation or devaluing ourselves as a consequence of someone else's casual statement about us.

Why Self-Expression is an important factor and need in your life

Self-expression holds the power to understand ourselves. It holds the power through which we are not only expressing ourselves but also storytelling things that once play or even played an important role in our lives.

Therefore, self-expression is necessary. It acts as a powerful weapon that helps you to conquer your worst nightmares of being insufficient or incapable of achieving your goals and expectations.

Those unheard and unsaid expressions deeply rooted inside yourself are only in search of a medium so that they can lead a way through you and make you feel relaxed, better, and in a mode where everything seems easier and more sorted than ever before.

Art is a great medium to express such emotions and thoughts in a way that can be universally understood. It is even a language for which people will not be able to speak or write. It helps one to understand themselves and their surroundings much better. You can simply share your experiences with others through art, as a medium that represents you and your mentality. How are your days going ? What might trigger or give you the ultimate happiness of the world?

Everything can be easily understood from the expression of art that you create.

Self-Expression through Art : Benefits and it’s Impacts

Self-expression through art is a great way to deal with everything that you have been going through. It creates a picture of one’s mind and current thoughts in front of the audience. You begin to understand yourself better by allowing the outside world to understand you. Your expression through art gives insights about you, which helps the person process things that could be the reason for everything happening to you.

What we express through art can have either positive or negative impacts on others. It depends on nature, such as where it is coming from and the state of the artist’s mind. Accordingly, it takes its shape and creates an impression of your mood or overall mental state in the minds of the receiver.

It also helps both the creator and the observer to become creative because not every time, the artist portrays things directly and that is when they need to find out the real meanings or hidden messages behind that particular piece of art that involves thinking, imagination, and a certain amount of understanding of what actually the creation is trying to convey. This is when creative minds emerge.

How to develop or improve your Inner Storyteller

It is never too late to develop a habit that leads you towards immense happiness and satisfaction. Storytelling is a great habit that can develop or improve within yourself over time. It plays a key role in giving you the kind of release of all those feelings inside your head and hearts. The thoughts that you found yourself consumed most of the time in a day.

Storytelling helps us in several ways. This makes us feel more confident and free. There are different forms of writing that we can develop as habits for our own good. Examples include article writing, quote writing, poetry, essays, writing songs, music, etc.

You just need to start from something, which defines you, your feelings, the ongoing thoughts, or how you do for real, and then everything starts to line up.

Below are the steps to simply awake your inner storyteller:

  • Writing about your daily chores and what you did the whole day

  • Figuring out what is running through your minds and what exactly you are feeling throughout.

  • Turning your unsaid and unheard feelings into words and words into paragraphs and paragraphs into diaries of the whole day, which helps you figure out things clearly; it is also a great process to release the emotions that may be held deep inside the rabbit hole for a long time.

  • Being creative. Making use of metaphors compared to direct speech is creative. It's sort of like you are telling people your truth—your own story—but not in those exact words, but instead in a way that helps others get an impression of what might have happened to you.

You also get rid of the baggage you have been carrying for a long time.

Writing or any form of art is an underrated remedy for many of our unwanted thoughts.

A key solution to everyday life struggles

With today's chaotic world and increasing mental stress, people are naturally attracted to art, which is acting as a cure for many of these unresolved problems inside one’s mind.

This is because everyone is dealing with some daily life stressful situations or personal issues that significantly affect their minds and overall health. To figure it all out, they need to attach themselves from the continuous running thought in their head to something that does not even consume much of their energy, and in return only gives them a kind of freedom and satisfaction in themselves, which is more of a healing process.

If we are involved in any type of art, then you are actually giving yourself a chance to revive again by leaving all the other voices in the basement. To move away from stress towards freedom of mind, body, and soul. Towards inner peace. And nothing feels more comfortable and relaxed to you at that moment. A kind of achievement on your own.

About the Author

Author Photo - Simran Kandpal

Simran Kandpal writes about subjects such as motivation, self-healing, love, personal growth, change, etc. She is a self-taught writer from Delhi; She also holds a fine arts diploma and a master's in history.

She enjoys writing articles, quotes, taglines, and even poems to express her thoughts and the knowledge she has gained through her experiences.

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