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Say hello to infusion pricing!

To support aspiring authors, Noonchi introduces its unique 'infusion' pricing solutions, designed to minimize upfront costs while allowing authors to reap significant rewards for their hard work in creating their books.

Key Features of Infusion:

  • Fractional Package Costs:
    Authors only pay a small fraction, typically up to 25%, of the total package cost to get started with Noonchi's book promotion services.

  • Cost Recovery from Profits:
    Noonchi takes on the responsibility of recovering the remaining package cost by receiving a percentage of the book's profits until the end of the contract period.

  • Incentive for Success:

       This arrangement aligns the interests of both the author and Noonchi, as Noonchi is incentivized to

       work diligently to ensure the book's success, knowing that their compensation is tied to the revenue


Example Scenario*:

Let's take the example of Emma, who opted for Noonchi's premium £1000 package to promote her book for a 6-month contract. Emma pays an upfront cost of £150 (15% of the total package).

During the first month, Noonchi's efforts result in the book making a total profit of £1500. According to the contract, Noonchi receives £150 (10%), and Emma gets back £850 from the sales, already making a profit of £700 in the first month.

In the second month, the book generates £2000 in profit. Noonchi receives £200, and Emma gets £1800 through sales.

In the third month, the book's profit skyrockets to £10,000. Noonchi receives £500, and Emma gets £9500. With this, Noonchi has successfully recovered the £1000 package cost. Any further profit the book makes goes entirely to Emma.

For the following three months, the book generates a profit of £30,000, and Emma gets the entirety of it.

At the end of the 6-month contract, Noonchi has successfully recovered £1000 for the package, and Emma has earned a total of £42,000 for her hard work on the book, all with minimal upfront cost.

This model ensures that authors receive returns exceeding their initial investment, making it a fair and rewarding collaboration between Noonchi and the authors.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact our team.

*numbers and figures in the example are only for illustrative purpose only, they do not necessarily reflect our pricing

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